Visual Ave Media Group Logo

Brief //  The Visual Ave Media Group logo was created to match the quality standards of a start-up media company specializing in film and photography. The founders requested that there be a play on the ‘V’ and ‘A’ of the title, given the business’ headquarters in Virginia.

  • Visual Ave Media Group Logo Design
  • Invent Boom Product Consultation Logo
    Invent Boom Product Consultation Logo Collage Portrait and Landscape 400x787
    Hook & Porter Company Logo
    Hook & Porter Company Clothing 315x315 Animated Plaid Gif
    Blue & Gray Bar and Grill Logo
    Blue & Grey Bar and Grill Logo 595x834
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    sole hunt logo forest waterfall animated gif
    Drive & Ambition Logo
    Drive & Ambition Logo 500x566
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    Soragora Logo 595x276
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    Brandon Bueller Logo 500x351
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    Miltek Networking Solutions Logo 600x663
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    billy williams jazz drummer logo 600x506
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    The Snoball Shop Rebrand
    The Snoball Shop Logo
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    Nadirah Alexander Cosmetologist Logo Hair 640x480
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    Euro Cabinets Logo Truck Design 650x390
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    R+R Design Group Product Development Company Logo 505x619
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    The Fuzz Band Logo 314x224
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    Endless Love Productions Wedding Videography 500x351
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    Make Use Of DIY website Logo 700x591
    Goss Family Reunion
    Goss Family Logo - Houston, Texas
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    Brandon Mitchell Photography Logo 535x500
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    Side x Side Black Red Grey Oval Logo 400x301
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    SleepHug Logo Animated Clouds 314x176
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    Blue In His Hands LLC Logo 535x530
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    Seven Sharks Animated Sharks Gif 315x315
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    AsianDating.Jp Logo 824x494
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    for the winn logo 400x316